Tahiti Nui Kauai

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Tahiti Nui Wine Bar ~ Historical Hanalei Kaua'i

Best Hanalei BarBest Hanalei BariTi Winebar is the fruitfull manifestation of some long standing Kauai residents, their passion, interest and obsession in learning from and crossing the thresholds into the magnificent everchanging mondo vino!

Head up ofcourse by Tahiti Nui Owner Christian Marston, it is now the Marston children intermingling with all things new specifically iTi Winebar. Talk started well over a year in advance, then 8 months before iTi's soft opening in November construction began. With the help of General Contractor Art Wills, finishing touches of Simone, and paint and labor by the entire extended family two small rooms previously used as an activity center and a real estate office became the iTi winebar. The weeks prior to the soft opening were complete (especially around the holidays) with drama fit for daytime television but with special thanks to the Perry Ohana, the doors did infact open that rainy Thanksgiving night (2009). 

iTi's grand opening took place shortly over 2 weeks later with special thanks and help to wine distributors Chuck, Scott, Greg and Hollywood. Rana Townend got us up spick and span and in top shape to open the doors and gracious music & blessing by Nani Marston and Hank on piano the night proved to be success and hopeful idea of things to come. Special guest Makana surprised us all with his truly amazing talent. Thank you to all who made that night possible. 

iTi is now open every night of the week except Sundays, there are over 50 wines on the menu from all over the world and new wines appear every week. iTi's tapas menu is available until 11:30pm including homemade pasta, local Kauai beef and produce as well as fresh island fish Mon through Sat doors open at 6.

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